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Phantom In Store Display Assembly Instructions

To help promote the launch of the Phantom stainless steel condensing boiler we’ve created a dynamic in-store display. Let’s put one together.


Phantom Stainless Steel Condensing Boiler

The Phantom is a stainless steel, condensing boiler.


Get to Know Us

Velocity Boiler Works is a hydronic heating equipment manufacturer based in Philadelphia, PA. Get to know a little bit about the company and our products in this video.


Aruba 4 AWR Handling Instructions

The Aruba 4 AWR boiler from Velocity Boiler Works features a rear draft diverter, part of which extends from the rear of the boiler. The following is Velocity Boiler Works’ recommendation on how to properly handle the AWR boiler with an appliance dolly. As with any installation, care should be taken to avoid injury.


PPs Flex Vent System

Have you had trouble finding ways to side-wall vent a condensing gas boiler? Does your customer prefer not to have unsightly PVC pipe sticking out of the side of their house? We have a cost effective, simple solution – introducing the PPs Flex Vent system. By simply feeding the PPs Flex Vent down a homeowners chimney, you can turn the existing chimney into a venting system for our Bimini (BWC) series high efficiency condensing gas boiler, creating an elegant efficient venting system.