“It’s important that we strive to make the community a better place, and we’re going to do everything we can to return the support that Philadelphia has given us over the years.” – Yale Steingard, President, Velocity Boiler Works

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Velocity is Rolling into Town

Velocity Boiler Works’ two vans work as hard as any employee – they’re on the road for deliveries, training days, wholesaler counter days and much more. It’s no wonder we consider them a valued part of our team. Did you … Read more →

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Contractor Spotlight

Contractor Spotlight: Parkstone Plumbing and Heating

Barry Cossette of Parkstone Plumbing and Heating recently installed a residential Phantom with a Combi kit in Malden, Massachusetts, replacing an old atmospheric gas boiler and water heater. The result is beautiful and efficient – a single boiler easily doing … Read more →

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