EZ Loop Low Loss Header

For the ultimate in quick, clean and affordable installations, the “EZ Loop” Low Loss Header is ready for action with connections for expansion tank, relief valve, temperature/pressure gauge, drain valve and air separator. This ready-made primary/secondary piping solution allows contractors to complete all near-boiler loop plumbing connections with speed and accuracy, saving time and money while optimizing flow for perfect system performance. The “EZ Loop” is made to exacting specifications and fits easily with the entire line of “EZ” Accessories.


Phantom Combi Kit

Add domestic hot water capabilities directly to the Phantom® 150 and 180 with one easy step, precisely matching to the existing boiler connections. The kit includes mixing valve, plate heat exchanger and the “EZ-Loop” Low Loss Header.
Base Pedastal

When a wall installation does not work, the Phantom® “EZ” Base is the perfect accessory for a clean and attractive installation. The “EZ” Base pedestal includes adjustable feet for uneven floors and works great with the “EZ-Loop” Low Loss Header or Phantom® “EZ” Combi-Kit.