Available for use with our Aruba 4 (AWR) and Freeport 2 (FWZ) boilers, the OC System is designed to simplify the installation, operation, and service of the entire boiler system and save energy. The OC System consists of an OC Panel and up to three plug in OC Cards to control different boiler functions. These cards simply plug into the panel, while the panel itself is easily installed on the AWR or FWZ boiler, both of which are already compatible. The AWR OC Panel snaps right into the front of the boiler above the standard control, while the FWZ OC Panel sits on top of the boiler with a cover over it making it look like part of the boiler. The currently available cards are:

Outdoor Air ResetOutdoor Reset Card

The Outdoor Air Reset kit regulates the boiler’s heat delivery rate to match the home’s heat demand and heat loss by adjusting the supply water based on the air temperature outside and domestic hot water demands. To function, the Outdoor Air Reset Card just needs to be plugged into the OC Panel and only requires outside air temperature and domestic hot water demand sensors.

Low Water Cutoff CardLow Water Cutoff

Low Water Cutoff in both auto and manual reset is available, and detects the absence of water in a heating system by using patented signal processing to identify when the probe signal levels have decreased. If detected to be at an unsafe level, the Low Water Cutoff will shut off the burner. The auto reset card will reset when water levels are back to a safe level, while the manual reset card requires user intervention. The card can just be plugged into the panel, and just requires probe installation and prefabricated probe wire connection to become operational.

High Limit Reset CardHigh Limit Reset

The High Limit Aquastat kit provides electronic temperature sensing in a UL limit-rated control with a single sensing probe and will shut the burner off when temperatures go above a set level. This aquastat is a manual reset, so it will require user intervention to reset a temperature condition after the temperature returns to a safe level. The High Limit Aquastat card replaces auxiliary manual-reset high limit aquastats such as L4006E and L4008E. The card just needs to be plugged in and only requires sensor and well installation to become operational.

Aruba 4 AWR with OC PanelFreeport 2 FWZ with OC Panel