The Mega-Stor Horizontal is a stainless-steel indirect water heater which provides abundant domestic hot water utilizing energy provided by your boiler. With a stainless steel, smooth surface coil that transfers heat throughout the tank, the Mega-Stor Horizontal is capable of recovery rates well in excess of a typical gas, electric or oil water heater. The two inch thick layer of polystyrene foam insulation keeps the water in your Mega-Stor Horizontal hot for hours during stand-by periods. The Mega-Stor Horizontal is also equipped with a removable cover for ease of inspection.

The Mega-Stor Horizontal tank is available in 40 and 53 gallon sizes. Using an optional mounting kit, most Crown boilers can be installed on top of the Mega-Stor Horizontal, creating a smaller footprint. The Mega-Stor is also available in vertical and solar models.