The Bimini (BWC) Series boiler is a cast aluminum, high-efficiency, condensing, direct-vent, gas-fired, hot water boiler. There are multiple venting options to suit homeowner and installer preferences. Some models are designed to be wall-mounted for when floor space is at a premium. The BWC is available in both natural and LP gas models. The BWC also includes a microprocessor-based control system. Additional features include direct spark ignition, outdoor reset temperature sensor, domestic hot water priority, pump controls for heating and domestic hot water and a fully modulating burner. The BWC comes fully wired and ready for installation.

For information on the BWC Commercial series, click here. For information on Bimini accessories, such as the PPs Flex Vent, Bimini Buddy, and Floor Mounting Pedestal, click here.

BB100H Bimini Buddy For heat only applications
BB100I Bimini Buddy For connection of a Bimini boiler
to a heating system and an indirect
water heater like the Mega-Stor®.
BB100C Bimini Buddy Combi unit with a plate heat exchanger
and flow switch for domestic hot
water production in tight places.


Energy Star