Contractor Spotlight: Cleveland Air Comfort

Cleveland Air Comfort in Cleveland, OH sent over the pictures below of a good-looking Aruba 4 and Mega-Stor installation they completed in Chesterland, OH. The old equipment was showing its age, and the homeowner was excited to see the attractive … Read more →

Contractor Spotlight: Clyde S. Walton Inc.

This month we’re featuring a recent job by Clyde S. Walton Inc. from Lansdale, PA. An apartment building, also in Lansdale, was in need of new boilers to replace the neglected ones struggling to keep up. According to Brian the … Read more →

Crown Contractor Spotlight: Woodfin

Alex Bruster of Woodfin sent over these before and after pictures from recent jobs. They’ve been hard at work replacing old boilers with new Crown units. In the first one we have a Bimini (BWC), and the second two new … Read more →

2012 HVAC Trade Show Extravaganza Raffle Winner

This past April, Universal Supply Group, RAL Supply Group and S&A Supply teamed up to present the 2012 HVAC Trade Show Extravaganza. Crown Boiler was proud to sponsor Dan Holohan’s “Greening Steam” seminar, as well as a raffle of a … Read more →

Aruba 4 AWR Handling Instructions

The new Aruba 4 AWR boiler from Crown Boiler features a rear draft diverter, part of which extends from the rear of the boiler. We put together a short video with our recommendation on how to properly handle the AWR … Read more →

Crown Displays New Aruba 4 Boiler at AHR Expo

This year at AHR Expo in Chicago, Crown Boiler introduced the Aruba 4 gas-fired hot water boiler in a completely redesigned booth. The Aruba 4 (AWR) is designed for use with residential and small commercial applications with an approved chimney. … Read more →